Present condition


The Institute made a research for the needs of the community, by interviewing the leading doctors, employers and syndicates. This evaluation had showed that the community would want to see a better approach to the health services for the senior citizens, and the employers would want the employees to spend less time out of their working places.

Republic of Macedonia lacks a serious analysis of the conditions and the needs of the citizens for the geriatric and palliative care are not precisely established. There is a necessity of passing a National strategy with support of relevant government subjects and non-governmental sector in relation of organizing and financing the extended services accessible to all citizens of Republic of Macedonia in the area of geriatric and palliative medicine. Practically the patient and his family can not be lead and assisted in the process of helping between their own home and the desirable center of intervention. The necessity for specialized treatment in home conditions is marginalized even though Recommendations of the Council of ministers of Europe for this kind of protection against the reducing of hospital capacity.

In the Republic of Macedonia the development of the gerontological thought and practice is closely tied with the establishment of the Geriatric as a medical discipline inside the Institute since 1988 and palliative medicine by the Hospis` Sue Raider since 1998. The implementation of both areas and their present development, according to the European criteria and norms of practicing the activities, had contributed Republic of Macedonia to be included among European leaders.