Cooperation with other Health institutions

  • PHI Institute of Gerontology has a continuous collaboration with the health institutes: Clinical center, City public hospital, Military hospital, Psychiatry hospital Bardovci and the medical institutions throughout the Republic on care basis for the groups of senior citizens suffering from acute and chronically diseases and people in terminal phase of illness from chronically progressive and malignant diseases.
  • In frame of the Program for continuous education, the Institution provides education in the area of geriatric and palliative medical science for professionals (doctors, social workers, psychologists, medical nurses and therapists). Provides stay and exchange of experiences in referent centers in the Region and Europe, partnership deals etc. The financial support in the area of education in the Institution is provided by the own means.
  • The needs for offering levels of help of different kind, corresponding with the needs of the ill, are fast and unexpected subject of change and conditioned by the health system that does not offer possibility for integration between numerous different professionally engaged subjects. Throughout the whole period of transition in Republic of Macedonia until the present moment, not-transformed and not all defined health system is a big problem and major issue for supporting the interest group of citizens. In the process of defining and summarizing the condition about the geriatric and palliative care and in the efforts to reach the primary goals in context of the real situation in the State there are many institutional limitations, human weaknesses, problems in the team works and many other challenges in cultural differences. Practically the patient and his family can not be lead and assisted in the process of helping, between their own home and the desirable center of intervention. The necessity for specialized treatment in home conditions is marginalized even though Recommendations of the Council of ministers of Europe for this kind of protection against the reducing of hospital capacity.

PHI Institute of Gerontology lead by the citizen needs, in its development conception will strengthen its specialized services and units for support of the ill in home conditions by specialist consultative cabinets for geriatric and palliative medical science. By its program the Institute will improve the development of Daily hospital and intensive care inside the Geriatric and Hospis` Sue Raider.

The two areas as an integral part of the health system in the State by the Institute must be the element of comprehended plans tied with health care and with the specific programs (long-time chronically diseases, cancer, AIDS, Geriatric).