Rosidal Sys - Compressive Therapy System

    In accordance with the needs of our patients, in the interest of prevention and treatment of venous insufficiency and occurrence of:

  • swellings
  • inflammation
  • phlebotrombosis
  • thrombophlebitis
  • lymphoedema
  • ulcers and open wounds to the feet and body,
  • our institution introduces new methods and systems for treatment and prevention. One of these novelties is Rosidal Sis - a compression therapy system composed of several components for which adequate education and workshops have been conducted for its proper implementation by the medical staff in the institution. Namely, our institution is the only public health institution in the country that begins to implement the treatment as a novelty in the part of treatment of the above mentioned circulatory diseases.


PHI Gerontology Institute November 13th - Skopje is the winner of the 13th November Award from the City of Skopje

On November 14, 2018, The City of Skopje traditionally awards the November 13th award, which this year was awarded to the PHI Gerontology Institute - Skopje

Celebration on the occasion of the jubilee, 60th gerontology institute "13th November" - Skopje

St.Kuzman and Damjan

On 14.11.2017 (Wednesday), a pleasant friendship with the employees and guests in Hospice Sue Ryder Bitola on the occasion of the holiday St.Kuzman and Damjan

Celebration of the holiday St.Kuzman and Damjan with the employees and beneficiaries of the Home for the elderly Mother Teresa. Let it be for many years!