Establishing of first Nursering Home for the elderly in Katlanovo in 1958, can be mark as a foundation of Public Health Institution: Gerontology Institute "13 November".
After the earthquake in Skopje, 1964, with support of Inter-European mission under the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and funds for rebuilding of Skopje, in Zlokukani has been, build a new Nursering Home for the elderly.
On 06.06.1966 due to decision of City Council of Skopje, was brought an Act for setting up of Nursery home for the elderly as a social institution, and Ms. Roza Nolcheva was appointed for a manager. Building of this Nursering Home had the intention to provide care for people aged over 60 yrs and the main task was to provide health and social care.
Nursery Home for the elderly had capacity of:

  • 1 pavilion by Inter- European mission from Lund Sweden;
  • 6 houses with 26 apartments from volunteer Christian service of London;
  • One building with additional rooms provided from Fund to help rebuilding of Skopje;
On 27.01.1972 according the Act for integrations Nursery Home for the elderly "Dimitar Vlahov" Klatlanovo and Nursery Home for the elderly Zlokukani has been fused into one Institution named as a "Center for care of the elderly people - Skopje". The board of Found for Social Care of Skopje, had given the facilities of ex hospital Margarit Lewiston to the Centre for care of elderly people.
Centre for care of elderly people - Skopje has been extended:
  1. Department for healthy old people located in Zlokukani
  2. Department for healthy people located in Katlanovo
  3. Department for care for elderly disabled and weak people located in Gjorce Petrov

In the same time the Centre for care of elderly people had settle new tasks as

  • Care of chronically ill old people, disabled people and with limited ability old people, that had been cured but there are still marks from the illnesses.
  • care of the old weak people that needs all the time care and medical help
  • In the homes of elderly sick people, provide the patronage service for medical care.

Since 1974, Center for care of elderly people has been relocated to Gjorce Petrov II area, and as a manager was appointed Kostova Slobodanka. In 1978 was brought an Act for renaming the "Center for care of elderly and weak people" into "Center for care of elderly people "13 November" Skopje - Gjorche Petrov".
Ten years later, in 1988, Center for care of elderly people has been transform into Center for Gerontology "13 November", and for manager was appointed D-r Mirjana Adzic.

In 1990, according to the article 186 of Law for companies, the court in Skopje due to the Statute decision, had transformed Center for Gerontology 13 November into Institution for Gerontology "13 November" - Skopje CO located on str.4 July no. 129 Gjorce Pertrov 2.
The Sue Ryder Foundation from London, in 1998 was used for building a Sue Ryder Hospice located next to the building of The Institution for Gerontology. In 2005, Sue Ryder Hospice in Bitola got the permission for palliative care for terminally ill.
Now days Public Health Institution Gerontology Institute "13 November" - Skopje, located on str.4 July no. 129 Gjorche Petrov 2, provides:

  • Geriatric Department located in Gjorche Petrov 2
  • Sue Ryder - Hospice located in Gjorche Petrov 2
  • The nursing home for the aged Mother Theresa located in Zlokukani
  • Sue Ryder - Hospice located in Bitola

In februay 2007 as a manager is appointed D-r. spec. Lence Neloska. Due to new legislation, since november 2007, The Institution for Gerontology managig D-r. spec. Lence Neloska and graduate economist Aleksandra Ristovska Evtimova. Two managers, due to law, share the responsibilites. Both of them put an effort for development of Geritrics in Macedonia, as well to provaide improved health and social care to the elderly people seteled Gerontology Institute.

Since August 2017 until now, the new director of the institution, Dr. Salija Ljatif Petrusovska, has been appointed, which, as in the past period and continuously, advocates the improvement of the institution's work in the area of ​​geriatric and palliative care by introducing new methods in operation , renovation of facilities, cooperation with international institutions.