• 12 December2018
    Association for palliative care In the course of 2018, the Association for Palliative Care held two expert events in Skopje and Bitola titled "Palliative care - directions" and "Fundamentals of geriatric and palliative medicine "attended by a large number of doctors from many specialties, including family and family doctors. more...
  • 14 January2018
    Department for elderly people "Mother Teresa"
    Department for eldery people Mother Teresa On the occasion of the great Orthodox holiday Vasilitsa, the department "Mother Teresa" was visited by the fashion house Elena Luka and the Union of Women of the Republic of Macedonia.
  • November2017
    Informative-educational bulletin of the Macedonian Medical Association
    Lekarski vesnikInterview with Dr. Salija Latif, Director of the Gerontology Institute "13 November" - Skopje on the topic STRATEGIC PRIORITY DEVELOPMENT OF CENTERS FOR PALLIATIVE CARE.
  • 15 December2017
    Department for the eldrly people "Mother Teresa" -Zlokucani
    Department for the eldrly people On December 15, 2017 (Friday) in honor of the "Week of Solidarity", the donation was given to the elderly in the "Mother Teresa" - Zlocukani section.
  • 23 November2017
    Municipality Karpos
    Општина КарпошThe Mayor of the Municipality Karpos, Stefan Bogoev, accompanied by some members of the Council of the Municipality, visited the Home for the elderly Zlokukani, "Mother Teresa".
  • 10 December2017
    TV programme "Health Mirror" on the ALSAT-M TV
    TV programme ALSAT-MInterview with Dr. Saliya Latif-Petrusovska Director of the PHI Gerontology Institute "13 November" - Skopje in the "Mirror of Health" programme on the ALSAT-M TV.
  • 10 November2017
    TV programme TELMAContact programme TELMA with the Spec. psychiatrist Olivera Bundalevska on topic "Dementia - a disease of the third age".
  • 13 November2017
    59ти љубилејOn November 13 this year, Gerontology Institute "13 November" celebrated 59 years of its existance.