Work therapy using modern and creative tools for working with patients placed in a specialized institution for a longer stay as ours are an integral part of everyday work.

For this purpose, through the Dutch Foundation, we have a two-day visit to Clinic Clowns / Contact Clowns, specializing in working therapy for patients with Dementia, immobile patients and persons with mental and physical disabilities.

Humanity has no limits!
Nice events at the beginning of another week.
Today, I had the honor to introduce Niyazy Serbez and Imran Serbez, spouses with a great heart and faith in God, sincere and modest, although they are unemployed, but they have a great desire for help, and it gives them happiness and joy when they give even a seemingly small trifle but with all the heart.

Aunt Imran, inspired by her life story, when she was in a very severe state of health, together with her husband realized that life was surprising and thanks to her rehabilitation, they decided whenever they could help their fellow citizens.

Today we received a donation of medical devices intended for immobile people, placed in our institution.

Thanks to your heart to this wonderful and inspiring couple.

"The doors of the institution" are open to the public!

A TV24 attachment for the activity of the PHI Specialized hospital for geriatric and palliative medicine "13 November" - Skopje, the way of receiving patients in the institution, what type of patients we place and a unique multidisciplinary approach by our specialized medical staff.