СООПШТЕНИЕ: Почитувани граѓани по насоките на Министерството за Здравство, поради сезоната на грип како и актуелните состојби со Корона вирусот, посетите во ЈЗУ Специјализирана болница за геријатриска и палијативна медицина 13 Ноември Скопје е строго забранета почнувајќи од 27.02.2020 година. Влегувањето во болницата е дозволено само за редовни прегледи закажани со упат на мој термин, кој задолжително ќе го приложат на капија. Ве молиме за разбирање бидејќи ова е превентива за сите нас.Ви благодариме на разбирањето.


  • 18. march2020
    Visiting Dr. Sci. dr. L. Veterovska Miljkovic in Alsat-M's Pasdite
               Topic: The elderly and Coronavirus
  • 16. march2020
    mtv news: D.Sc. spc. dr. L.Veterovska Miljkovik on covid-19 protection measures at PHI Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine 13 November Skopje
  • 03. march2020
    ’’Apologies from zdravstvo.mk to PHI Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine "November 13" - Skopje’’

    The editorial office of the portal zdravstvo.mk apologizes to the Director of PHI Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine "November 13" - Skopje...

  • 16. february2020
    ‘’Interview with the Director of PHI SBGPM 13 November Skopje, Salija Latif Petrusovska’’

    "We are living in a time when medical staff is dropping out. On one hand our Hospital looks like an unattractive facility and we had a period when staff were downsized, but we are struggling, to work together with our management team with our staff, ”says Dr. Salija Ljatif-Petrusovska.

  • 02. february2020
    ‘’Interview with physiotherapist Aco Zanev’’

    Physiotherapist Aco Zanev is a visually impaired person who has been employed for thirty years in the Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine "13 November" in Skopje. "It is a lifelong desire for me to be a physiotherapist, that is and I think I am successful," he says.

  • 08. january2020
    ‘’HTZ equipment’’

    Employees of PHI Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine "13 November" - Skopje, received new HTZ equipment.

  • 22. november2019
    " Elderly Care Week "

    In the Republic of Northern Macedonia, every year on the penultimate week of the month November marks '' Elderly Care Week ''. On this occasion, PHI Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine ''13 November '- Skopje today had the honor of welcoming the first lady of the state, Mrs. Elizabeta Georgievska and the Mayor of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, Mr. Alexander Naumovski.

  • 13. november2019

    PHI Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine "13th November" - Skopje, today marks the patron's holiday and the 61st year of the institution which is the only one of its kind in the country.

  • 25. october2019

    Guest appearance in the Weekly Magazine show on Macedonian Radio Television.

  • 12. october2019

    Ethical, humane and professional approach to patients suffering from serious illnesses, at the terminal stage.

  • 21. september2019

    Under the motto "Remember" by listening to music from the past and watching old movies on September 21 (Saturday), "Macedonia" square, organized by ... more...
  • 21. september2019

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  • 30. august2019
    interview: mother and child Salija Latif Petrushovska: Our parents are loved and respected by their children.
  • 30. august2019
    Participation in the 18th Congress of Internal Medicine
  • 03. august2019
    ICE Kraków Congress Centre - Workshop on the use of compression therapy Workshop on the use of compression therapy indicated for venous insufficiency using Rosidal sys by Lohmann & Rauscher.
  • 03. July2019

    presentation of the services for NGO Sumnal-Skopje Today I held a brief presentation of the services offered by the PHI Specialized Hospital for geriatric and palliative medicine "13 November" - Skopje, to the adult population, users of the NGO Sumnal-Skopje, and so on.
    The participants were given the opportunity to get acquainted with ... повеќе...
  • 10. june2019

    Humanity has no limits! Humanity has no limits! Nice events at the beginning of another week. Today, I had the honor to introduce Niyazy Serbez and Imran Serbez, spouses with a great heart ...
  • 21. may2019

    Work therapy Work therapy using modern and creative tools for working with patients placed in a specialized institution for a longer stay as ours are an integral part of everyday work. For this purpose, through the Dutch Foundation ...
  • 02. May2019

    practical lessons Visit of students from the medical school "Dr Pance Karagozov", within the framework of the regular practical training, in our institution as the only specialized hospital for ...
  • 19. april2019

    Easter Bazaar Easter bazaar held at the home for the elderly "Mother Teresa".
    For the admiration are the wonderful creations of our users in cooperation with the employees of the home
    Thanks to the colleagues from the institutions that took part in the event.

  • 11. April2019
    interinstitutional cooperation Productive meeting with the director of SMUGS "Dr Pance Karagozov", Ms. Maja Saliu and the professor from the same school, Ms. Nina Knags.
    At the meeting we talked about common interests and ... more...
  • 24. March2019
    Topic of the expert event: "Application of procedures for sterilization, their monitoring and control of sterilization"
    professional event Participation in a professional event of nurses employed at the PHI specialized hospital for geriatric and palliative medicine "November 13" - Skopje. more...
  • 20 March2019
    Meeting with Women's Association from Bitola Guest in the show "Spektar" on Macedonian Radio. We discussed topics related to the target group and the activity of the institution, mission and vision and strategic goals. Great thanks to the invitation. more...
  • 19 March2019
    Meeting with Women's Association from Bitola Meeting with Women's Association from Bitola, our long-time friends and associates, especially with the hospice for palliative care in Bitola. Consideration of the possibility for project activities and cooperation in the part of social activities of persons accommodated in the institution. more...
  • 12 December2018
    Association for palliative care In the course of 2018, the Association for Palliative Care held two expert events in Skopje and Bitola titled "Palliative care - directions" and "Fundamentals of geriatric and palliative medicine "attended by a large number of doctors from many specialties, including family and family doctors. more...
  • 12. march2019
     Inner Wheel Club Skopje This time we donated the equipment of one room to the PHI Specialized Hospital for geriatric and palliative medicine "13 November" - Skopje. The third age is a period in which society and the family are less interested or unable to invest and adequately alleviate the difficulties and diseases that follow their relatives. At the departure we told them goodbye, because our interest in helping this institution remains.
  • November2017
    Informative-educational bulletin of the Macedonian Medical Association
    Lekarski vesnikInterview with Dr. Salija Latif, Director of the Gerontology Institute "13 November" - Skopje on the topic STRATEGIC PRIORITY DEVELOPMENT OF CENTERS FOR PALLIATIVE CARE.
  • 15 December2017
    Department for the eldrly people "Mother Teresa" -Zlokucani
    Department for the eldrly people On December 15, 2017 (Friday) in honor of the "Week of Solidarity", the donation was given to the elderly in the "Mother Teresa" - Zlocukani section.
  • 23 November2017
    Municipality Karpos
    Општина КарпошThe Mayor of the Municipality Karpos, Stefan Bogoev, accompanied by some members of the Council of the Municipality, visited the Home for the elderly Zlokukani, "Mother Teresa".
  • 10 December2017
    TV programme "Health Mirror" on the ALSAT-M TV
    TV programme ALSAT-MInterview with Dr. Saliya Latif-Petrusovska Director of the PHI Gerontology Institute "13 November" - Skopje in the "Mirror of Health" programme on the ALSAT-M TV.
  • 10 November2017
    TV programme TELMAContact programme TELMA with the Spec. psychiatrist Olivera Bundalevska on topic "Dementia - a disease of the third age".
  • 13 November2017
    59ти љубилејOn November 13 this year, Gerontology Institute "13 November" celebrated 59 years of its existance.